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Tile is made of concrete or clay.  Barrel and flat styles are the most common and they come in a variety of colors.  They can be texture treated to give different appearances.  Tiles require costly reinforced rafter bracing to hold their weight and require upgraded asphalt under-layment to do the real weatherproofing.  They can break easily and discolor.  Premium tile roofs can be very expensive.


Both architectural and structural types of metal roofs are available.  The architectural style requires an under-layment and is used on steep roofs utilizing an interlocking method to secure it together.  The structural type resists moisture on low slope roofs and does not require an under-layment.  There is high heat transfer and therefore a low fire rating is a problem with both styles.  Metal roofs can also be somewhat noisy during rain.


Slate is a dense, durable rock material that is basically nonabsorbent.  Slate can be smooth or textured, rough or uneven depending on the mining location.  Nature can also give some fascinating colors to slate.  Weathering will change its color.  Slate is heavy, and, like tile, requires costly reinforced rafter structure.  Slate roofs are extremely expensive, too.


Wood can come in various styles of shingles or shakes.  It is attractive, giving a rich look with a custom appearance.  It requires routine maintenance due to weathering.  However, wood is wood, and it can easily catch fire.  Be sure to check with your home-owner's insurance company.


Composites are man-made materials (like fiber cement or plastic) configured to look like shakes or other shingle styles but with different properties.  The materials offer unlimited shape and color options, and vary widely in weatherproofing and fire rating.


Asphalt shingles are the most common and therefore the most easily installed and guaranteed type of roofing material.  They are relatively light in weight.  Higher quality shingle and shake designs offer superior weatherproofing for a relatively low cost and offer a great variety of styles and colors.  Laminates are dual thickness asphalt shingles that offer increased protection from the elements and enhanced appearance.  Some come with algae/fungus resistant copper granules.  Fire ratings of Class A, the highest and best, are common.  Asphalt roofing shingles are purchased in "bundles" and are calculated for quantity needed in "squares".  A square is 10 ft. by 10 ft., or 100 square feet of roof space.  Extra shingles must be ordered to accommodate the shape of the roof and the roof’s characteristics (chimney, stacks, valleys, etc.), which all require special cutting and shaping.

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